General Dental Services

General dentistry on the Isle of Wight

Your oral hygiene is important, and having regular checks with your dentist is important to help maintain that dental hygiene.

Many people worry before a check-up that their dentist will make them feel bad about the condition of their teeth. At Ryde Dental Studio that isn't the case! We will work with you to focus on the positive and advise on the best ways to improve your oral health.

General dental services

Fillings: to restore tooth structure that has been damaged by tooth decay, we use subtle white and tooth-coloured materials.

Veneers: these form a thin layer of tooth-coloured material which is attached to a damaged or discoloured tooth in order to give it a natural appearance.

Bridges: these are false teeth which are designed to improve your facial appearance and are completely natural to look at.

Crowns: when the affected area is too large for a filling, crowns act to improve the strength of the tooth while keeping your smile looking natural.
General dental services
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Tooth decay

Tooth decay is completely preventable. With good brushing techniques and the use of modern fluoride based toothpastes we have managed to reduce its occurrence significantly. Diet management and specifically sugar in the diet is important if tooth decay is to be eradicated. When a lesion of tooth decay is ‘caught’ in its infancy it is possible to eradicate it with just diet management and daily use of high fluorides in toothpastes and gels.
Gum management
Tooth decay
Minimal invasive dentistry

Minimal invasive dentistry

Modern adhesive dental materials have made it possible for us to do minimally invasive dental decay management often not requiring the use of a dental drill. As long as the decaying bacteria is reduced in number and subsequently starved of nutrients by sealing the tooth, the decay lesion can be stopped. 

At RDS we often use air abrasion to clean the decayed tooth area, we then disinfect the area and seal the tooth with a modern adhesive tooth-filler called a glass ionomer. These work on the affected tooth just like a plaster would protect a small wound from re-infection. Glass ionomers are useful as not only do they seal the tooth but also slowly release fluorides to rebuild the lost tooth enamel.
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